Why is there a “b” in “doubt”

You ever wonder why the word "doubt" is written with a silent "b"? Let's look at the history of the word. The word ultimately came from Latin "dubitare", or "dubito", which means, "am uncertain", "am in doubt", "question", etc. The word is borrowed to Old French, "douter", because, you know, French people don't like ending … Continue reading Why is there a “b” in “doubt”


Typing speed

As I want to be a computer-worker (to be specific, developer), typing speed is important (though not quite important for developer - text editor like Sublime Text already have snippets for faster coding). Then I went to a typing-speed test website, and give a try: Whoo, fairly fast, but I bet that I can quicken it. … Continue reading Typing speed

The Earth DOES NOT circle the Sun!

"So, you mean, the Sun circles the Earth? Or are you one of those stupid Flat-Earthers? Idiot!!" Nope. Neither the Earth or the Sun circles the other. "OK, so you are babbling that the orbit is not circle but elliptic, eh? Everyone knows that already, dude." I'm talking about the barycenter. The Earth is not … Continue reading The Earth DOES NOT circle the Sun!

5 mind-blowing paradoxes resolved!

    Potato paradox A 100-gram potato is 99% water. If you dry it until it is 98% water, it weighs only 50 grams. This is not even a paradox! It is rather a illusion. Plus, it's so absurd that a potato is 99% of water. Liar paradox A person said "I always lie". Is … Continue reading 5 mind-blowing paradoxes resolved!