As the title may hint, this is a space for me, to freely share everything I love – science, coding, languages, and more.

I, Huy, a chemistry student at H.N.U.E High School for Gifted Students, a science lover, a computer geek, an amateur conlanger, created this site so that I can share with you stuff. Why do I want to share?

  • I share to learn. Sharing is one of the best way to learn a thing. You’ve just learn a lesson that you feel not like understanding it much? Share it, and you’ll find you understand it quite much.
  • I share to help. Knowledge worth sharing. When I share my knowledge, the knowledge is spread around. That’s great!
  • I share for fun. You know, sharing stuff is like to talk to friends.

Before I came to WordPress, I had been on Quora for a while, and I answer others’ question quite lot, and I know how cool sharing is. If you agree with me, you can join me here. Or otherwise, you only want to read my stuff, follow my blog.

You can contact me through Facebook or mail.