The Earth DOES NOT circle the Sun!

“So, you mean, the Sun circles the Earth? Or are you one of those stupid Flat-Earthers? Idiot!!”


Neither the Earth or the Sun circles the other.

“OK, so you are babbling that the orbit is not circle but elliptic, eh? Everyone knows that already, dude.”

I’m talking about the barycenter. The Earth is not orbiting the Sun nor the Sun is orbiting the Earth. They both are circling around the common barycenter like this:

Actually, in case Sun and Earth, it looks not quite different from Earth revolving around Sun, but for Pluto-Charon system, for example, it look quite different:

In case binary stars, we have two stars orbiting elliptically around a barycenter like this.

Weird, huh? But it is.

via Daily Prompt: Center


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