Top five website I visit everyday

Hi, I’m Huy, and as I promised, I’ll have at least one post a week.

I’m an internet person, I use it almost every day. I need it for my study as well as connection. Let’s see what I browse everyday.


I’ll exclude, of course. Messenger and Facebook are actually the same so it’ll also be excluded. Now I’ll talk about these page.

5. CodeFights

codefightsIf you are a coder, you must join this! This is a website where coders in many languages can fight, challenge each other, for fun and for skill improvement. These are languages that are code-able here:


I know JavaScript best so I choose it. The number of languages is increasing. At the time I joined there were only C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, Ruby, and Swift.

codefights_fightThis is the main feature of CodeFights – challenge head-to-head. If you don’t have any codefriends, you can choose “Random Fight”. CF bot will pair you with

You receive 3 tasks, you solve it and then CF bot will compare your point with your opponent’s.You can also fight with companies’ bots


Each 10-15 minutes, there is a tournament created. This is like head-to-head fights, but you can fight with many people. You will be awarded the experience corresponding with how much task you do, plus coins if you are the champion. Each month there is a marathon, though I have never joined one.


Everyday some codefighter post one challenge, and people will solve the challenge, then you will be awarded exp and coins when you solve it.


You can use your coin to buy CF shirt at CF store:


4. Youtube

To be honest, I immediately open Youtube as soon as I turn on my computer. I use it to turn on music so that I can listen to while I work.

Two Steps From Hell is my favourite channel for music. I also subscribe to ThePianoGuys and  Audiomachine.

I also subscribe to Unity to learn to use this engine.

In my free time I also watch video of Vsauce, TedEd, nigahiga.

3. Duolingo

As I mentioned in introductory post, I’m learning German and French, so this is one of the most visited page. There are totally 27 languages you can learn if you choose your language English. This web teach you basic grammar, daily vocabulary, some common phrases, and also some idioms.

Wrong answer
Duolingo’s autocorrect
Learning idioms

2. Quora


I think you have seen this site somewhere before while searching around on Google, or even be a user yourself.

Quora is a website where you can freely ask or answer question. Its name stands for Question or Answer.

There are countless number of topics here, which you can follow or get question from. They are not only limited to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Programming,… but there are also open topics like Advice, Life Experiences, Language Learning, Hypothetical Scenarios,… or topics about famous people like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler, etc.

If you are shy and don’t want anyone to see your name, you can try being anonymous:Quora_02.png

Just warn before you do it: Anonymity is not very welcome by Quorans.

Yes, it is a real comment

And there are some rude people who block commenting.

Visit their About Page for more information

1. Facebook

What people thinks about Facebook:facebook-time-1024x725-1

Yeah, it is a really a place that will waste your time.

If you let it.

But without Facebook how can I get my school schedule? How can I connect with my friends, who mostly don’t use Skype, Twitter, and don’t check mail frequently? I have to turn on Facebook as I work so that I can receive news, schedule,… from my class. That’s quite necessary.

Actually anything will waste your time if you let it.

Think Google won’t waste your time? Think again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope this post didn’t waste your time!


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