Hello World!

My name is Huy. I am a chemistry student, an enthusiastic coder, a conlanger, a reader and writer as well. I’m crazily interested in languages, so beside English, I’m now learning German and French and C Sharp (a language, isn’t it?).

Just like how I start learning a language, the first thing to do is:

using System;
public static void Main()
  Console.Write("Hello World!");

As you might scarcely know about me, I’ll introduce myself now.

Table of contents

  1. My hobbies and things I like
  2. Things I will write about

My hobbies and things I like


As I pointed out above, I like learning languages. I’m now learning German and French on Duolingo. Ich denke Deutsch toll bin, et le français est un beau langue.

I can say some basic sentence but cannot read any long documents or stories. I’m still learning. Contact me if you’d like to help.


I love science! Math and Informatics teach me to think logically, and solve problems optimistically. Chemistry teaches me how stuffs like medicine, cleaning product, explosive are made. Biology teaches me about my body and how to keep it healthy. Physics is a topic that I can spend days, weeks, or even month discussing with my friends – you know, quantum mechanics, black hole, relativity, and so on.


Oh not about playing game! I get bored playing games. Don’t call me jerk for that.

I’m talking about game theories and game development. Though I’m just a new chicken, but I really like it.

Movies and Books

This is the way I entertain. I watch superheroes movies, sci-fi and action movies. It’s quite good to watch a comedy sometimes. I will share with you about this in future posts.

And reading books is even more awesome. My favorite genre is fantasy. Lord of the Rings and Inheritance Cycle are ones of my favorite novels. I’m reading A Song of Ice and Fire now, and it’s another novel series I like. I’ll probably write about that, too.

Creating things

I like conlanging, but it’s not only type of creation I like.

I like to create a world, therefore I’m writing, and making games. I have ideas almost all the time. Unfortunately it seems that I’m a bad artist. I can write, but sound not smooth and descriptive. I can draw, but things I draw looks not always good (actually, it seldom looks good enough)

Wanna discuss more with me, or help me with that? Contact me.


What’s better than talking about what we like? I have friends to discuss these, but discussing with more people is even more great. That’s why I’m here to share things with you.

Things I will share with you

I’ll share about coding. Javascript and C# will be my main topic of coding.

I’ll share about science. Science theories, science jokes, science news will be posted here.

I’ll share about films and games that interest me, and may interest you.

I’ll share some other things – tips for studying habits, languages, something about myself, etc.

My posts are mostly in English, as I feel free only while writing in English.

I’ll write at least a post on each Sunday, and maybe some extra posts on each week if I can.

More question? Leave comment down there or email me.


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